Use Pyramid Power to Raise Rabbits

A homesteader shares how to use pyramid power to raise rabbits, includes pyramid rabbit hutch construction tips and rabbits raised in pyramid hutch results.

| November/December 1977

This "pyramid hutch" housed the author's four "test" rabbits.

This "pyramid hutch" housed the author's four "test" rabbits.

Photo by Dan Jimenez

Learn how you can use pyramid power to raise rabbits on your homestead.

How to Use Pyramid Power to Raise Rabbits

Does "pyramid power" exist? Can "cosmic forces" be tapped to preserve meat, grow healthier plants, and do any of a hundred other wondrous things? We hear a lot of heated discussion on this subject . . . and see far too little hard data. Few people, it seems, want to take the time to perform a controlled experiment to prove or disprove the existence of "pyramid energy". Which is why we're pleased to present the following report by Texas homesteader/experimenter James Brock.

For the last few years, I've been fascinated by pyramids and their possible influences on living matter. And I've read a good many books and articles on " pyramid power" over the past two years or so . . . but in all my readings, I never came across very much information on the subject of whether and in what ways animals might be affected by enclosure in pyramids. The only way I could find out how (and if) "pyramid energy" would affect animals — it seemed-was to experiment on my own . . . and that's precisely what I did.

The Pyramid Rabbit Hutch Experiment

A friend of mine raises rabbits as a hobby . . . so when I began searching for animals to use in my pyramid experiment, I approached him with the idea of "borrowing" some of his bunnies. MY friend thought I was a little weird . . . but he finally agreed (rather reluctantly) to let me have some rabbits.

To make the experiment more valid than it might otherwise be, I decided to start with a total of eight of the animals . . . four each from two separate litters. (I figured that this would reduce the chances of my accidentally picking the "best" individual of the litter for the pyramid hutch . . . a situation that could easily have occurred had I started with just two rabbits.)

What I did was this: I took two bucks and two does from one litter and labeled them Group A . . . then I selected two bucks and two does from the other litter and called them Group B. (The Group A bunnies were 19-day-old White New Zealanders. The Group B animals — which were 22 days old at the start of the experiment — were of the "Heinz 57" variety . . . which is to say their breeding was so mixed up it would've taken a genealogical wizard to figure it out!)

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