Living a Resilient Urban Life

| 7/29/2013 2:03:00 PM

Tags: permaculture,, Illinois, local food, urban homestead,

The summer is in full swing, and we’re all thinking about growing food and preserving the summer harvest. We’ve asked one of our longtime Good Food Festival & Conference partners, Vicki Nowicki from The Liberty Gardens Project, to tell you about her suburban permaculture homestead, and why she and her husband Ron have chosen to live a simpler, more resilient life.

vegetable gardenMy husband Ron and I have lived in a passive solar home in a permaculture landscape for over 30 years. At this point I realize that our framework for viewing the rest of the industrial-based, consumer world is colored by what we see and hear outside our windows every day, and how we prioritize our activities. We like to say that we are practicing the art of sustainable living. You know, two of the hardest words to define are “permaculture” and “sustainable.”

When we use these words we’re talking about a way of living, both in the home and in the landscape, that is designed to recognize the urgency of today’s dwindling resources. We aim to craft solutions that conserve or do without the high levels of consumption that all of us have become accustomed to. Sustainable growing emphasizes the precious land that is in our care and recognizes that we must improve the for our children and grandchildren so that they will be able to grow high quality organic crops as well.

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