Feedback on Starting a Home Typesetting Business

Letters to the editor regarding the "Home Composing Biz" article from MOTHER EARTH NEWS Issue 9.

| January/February 1972

I thought I'd write to tell you about our experience with the old home business. It all began when MOTHER NO. 9 had an article which caught our interest ... it was about operating a home typesetting business.

We contacted all of the people, offices and places around here that could conceivably use such a service and there was general agreement that we would do well in the area . . . in fact, one person felt that we'd be really bogged down by all the work we would get.

Since we are a young couple and have never bought anything on credit, we didn't have a credit rating ... so we scraped together the $450 cash that the IBM people needed and set up shop.

We've been in business two months now and, just to shed some more light on the subject of getting started, here are some hard facts that Bill Montanary's article didn't cover:

1. The $450 that you put out in front is not credited to the last three months of your six-month trial lease ... it's used for months seven, eight and nine. If you count on the last three months of that first lease being prepaid, you can get into trouble.

2. Fonts cost $35 apiece, which may seem trivial ... until you get the bill. Then the expense doesn't seem at all trivial, especially if you're not rich.

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