Tweeting My Day Away at Sunflower Farm

| 7/20/2012 10:09:20 AM

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 I’ve ranted on in the past about how much I question the concept of Twitter. Really, who is so interesting that anyone would want to know the minutiae of their lives every 10 minutes? No one is that interesting! Katy Perry? Nope. John Stewart? Well maybe, but it would be disappointing to realize that he’s funny because of his staff of writers. President Obama? Really? If the President of the United States has time to waste tweeting, then the empire truly is on its last legs.

That said, here’s what a day of tweeting at Sunflower Farm would look like. You’ve been warned, it’s just a regular day, and not that interesting. And right now, every day is pretty much the same, hence the concept of Twitter being lame. All that changes is what’s for dinner. Oh, and I’m not sticking to 140 inane characters. It’s my Twitter fantasy, so I’ll do whatever I feel like… hash tag hash tag whatever whatever

4:30 am     Sun starting to make it light outside. Hope the rooster stays asleep.

5:00 am     Darn rooster making a racket in the coop. Better let him out so the ladies don’t freak out.

5:15 am     Quick walk with Jasper. Bugs out already. I’ll have to make it up to him for the lack of activity in the fall.

5:30     In the garden. It’s cool. Weeding the peas, spinach and carrots. Planting more brassicas since the first rows were fried in the heat.

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