Truck Love

| 12/9/2011 10:52:33 PM

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 I don’t remember the first time I kissed a girl or saw Star Wars or my first day at my first job.  But I do remember my first pickup truck. 

It was a 1988 Chevrolet C1500 ½ ton 4x4. 

Really it wasn’t even my pickup truck.  It was my dad’s.  He agreed to let me drive it to school because the $800 Subaru I purchased from my uncle (for 16 easy installments of $50) was a stick.  It was easy to feign ignorance or lack of skill in driving a stick, thus convincing my dad to swap vehicles with me. 

It might have been hard for an untrained eye to understand why I did that.  The truck was used and abused but it had a certain charm.   

For instance, my favorite place to take a date in high school was down to the creeks.  Despite what the rally car commercials may lead you to believe, you can’t ford 3 feet of water in a Subaru.  The ole truck was essential for finding parking spots that no one else could get to.   

Outwardly it didn’t appear to be much though and it certainly had flaws but I like to think of those flaws as “character”.   

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