Training Dogs Not To Kill Chickens

| 5/16/2017 12:54:00 PM

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When our German Shepard Sara displayed a predilection for eating our laying hens, I admonished her sharply. She killed another, and I admonished her more sternly. I chained her up, but she wanted to run, and as soon as we trusted her and she knew we were distracted, she’d sneak off and prey on another hapless bird.

Complaining to an old farmer about this unfarmerly dog’s behavior, he shrugged and advised simply (with a New England drawl). “Tie it to ‘er neck.”

“What?” I asked, with a little surprise.

“Tie the dead chicken to ‘er neck. She’ll stop.” the old Vermonter advised.

“How long?” I inquired.

3/15/2018 11:03:03 AM

This dog wasn't hurt or abused in any way. All she suffered was a little embarrassment. I'd rather listen to the tried and true advice of an old timer than lose more animals

3/15/2018 11:02:59 AM

Our grandparents would have just shot the dog. This writers dog was not hurt in any way and didn't suffer anything worse than a little embarrassment. I'd rather listen to the advice of an old timer than lose more animals because I'm worried about hurting the dogs feelings

9/1/2017 2:35:02 PM

This is wrong on so many levels... to encourage and spread this kind of outdated myth, that appears to have worked for this one dog does not give it any , not any level of effectiveness. I'll repeat what I have said many times... to train your dog to chickens, you must SUPERVISE, TRAIN, REWARD GOOD BEHAVIOR. You know all the tents of good dog behavior modification. Until your dog is trained you must protect your chickens from them.

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