Trade and Barter

| 1/10/2012 9:27:33 AM

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hoophouse greensA couple of days before Christmas I picked several bags of greens, lettuce and spinach. I was just going to share it with friends for a holiday treat. Little did I know how much I would actually gain from it!

After making all my stops, and having a few visits at home I had a dozen eggs, 2 buckets of sweet potatoes and winter squash, rum balls (so yum), some smoked meat and 2 quarts of fresh, local honey (well, I bought that). The added bonus was the joy of fellowshipping with some friends and neighbors. 

This type of giving, trading, and bartering takes time. I think it is a great benefit to see the skillfulness of neighbors that we are surrounded with and be able to give and share in our own ways. It is always worthwhile to spend time doing that.

Try it out! It starts with sharing. 


photo credit:  Caleb Tucker.  photo of me picking spinach in the hoophouse.

Sherry Tucker
2/19/2012 3:23:24 PM

Andrea, I love your aspirations! I will keep in mind your desires and try to find some resources for you. But, don't lose hope and work on gaining experience now, where ever you are and situation you are in. Local farmers markets might be a good place to meet farmers willing to let you help or tour farms and learn some hands-on farming. Thanks for reading and posting your comment and good luck with your search!

2/4/2012 1:50:20 PM

I'm trying to get into modern homesteading in Missouri. All of your articles are an extreme inspiration to me, although I find myself losing hope lately. My husband and I are new to the idea of self sufficiency so we thought it would be better to rent a place while we learn and save money. I'm having a very hard time finding farms for rent in MO. Do you know of any resources for finding farms to rent or even just farms that I could volunteer on to gain experience. I greatly appreciate all your time and consideration regardless and will keep learning everything I can while we look for a place. Thanks for all the great articles!!

Sherry Tucker
1/25/2012 12:54:15 PM

Tony, what an awesome story! Thanks for sharing!

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