Tractors and Power Equipment: An Online Discussion

| 9/1/2010 2:43:32 PM

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Tractors can be used to pull, push, power and lift all sorts of things around a farm or homestead, and they can do all those things more quickly and efficiently than we’re able to do with human-powered tools or animal-powered implements. So it’s no wonder that some folks are passionate about their tractors. They may be fiercely loyal to a brand or have pet names for their tractors. Other people love to restore old tractors and old farm equipment, or simply need helpful advice about tractor repairs.

The Tractors and Power Equipment blog is all about tractors (old and new) and the equipment powered by them — loaders, graders, mowers, cultivation and logging implements, backhoes and more.

We have several guest bloggers already lined up to contribute to the discussion, but we need your comments and questions, too. Be sure to come back often and to write your ideas, suggestions and questions in the comments section of each blog post.

Henk de Mink_2
9/2/2010 11:29:21 PM

Tractors don't do a thing beside compactation of the soil. Compactation of the soil reduce your cropyield, so you have to cultived more area to obtain the same yield. To work with a tractor one has to buy a lot of implements that cost a lot and needs a lot of repairs. Tractors don't reproduce nor produce manure to fertilish your fields. Tractors are good for the salesmen and not for the farmers. Henk

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