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Tractors vs. Horses Amish-style

By Heidi Hunt

Tags: horse farming, Gene Logsdon, Amish,

While all over the country farms are failing or being bought up for new housing developments, in Pennsylvania Amish country farms are flourishing and more acreage is being bought each year. How is this possible? How is it that a segment of the population that does not use electricity and works the land with horse and not tractors is continuing to grow and prosper?

For more on this atypical phenomenon, read the blog, Did the Amish Get it Right After All?, posted by author and farmer Gene Logsdon.

Of using horses rather than tractors to farm, Logsdon says, “The dollars and cents, the Amish will tell you, are on your side if you enjoy being at home and would rather work hard physically on occasion rather than pay for exercise at a fitness center.”