Thinking About Population Density

| 8/25/2010 11:03:27 AM

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By Cam Mather

Whenever we head to the nearest big city of Kingston to run errands we like to enjoy a meal at our favorite restaurant Curry Original. We love Indian food and their food is fantastic. We’ve come to know the owner Ali well, and we often talk to him and his staff about their trips back home to Bangladesh. I’m absolutely fascinated to hear about a country with such a dense population.

Bangladesh has a population of 162 million people and is 55,600 square miles in size. This means that for every square mile there are 2,917, or almost 3,000 people. Iowa is 56,271 square miles, which is close to Bangladesh with a population of 3 million people so the population density is 54 people for every square mile. New Jersey is the most densely populated U.S. State at 1,171 people per square mile. Wyoming and Montana have populations of about 6 people per square mile.

The Canadian province of Saskatchewan is 228,450 square miles, or 5 times as big as Bangladesh and has a population of 1,041,729, or let’s say 1 million people. So this means that everyone in Saskatchewan gets 4.3 square miles to themselves. Compared to 3,000 people per square mile, it’s crazy.

We own 150 acres and are surrounded by an undeveloped provincial park and many hunt camps. Our nearest neighbors are 3 miles to the east and 6 miles to the west. So other than the first two weeks of November during deer hunting season, I think we even beat Saskatchewan for population density. It’s just the two of us so on our property. We each get 75 acres to ourselves, but if you count the bush around us its probably 750 acres, or 7,500 acres. It’s pretty amazing, and as someone who arrived here burned out on city life, it’s a dream come true.

Our place - Sunflower Farm - from the air

I love foreign films because they let me experience other cultures without having the carbon footprint of actually flying there. I also don’t have to experience the airport nightmares, luggage horrors, unpredictable sickness, etc. that goes along with foreign travel. I enjoy watching south Asian movies so that I can see places like India. One thing I’m always struck by is the number of people. The sheer mass of humanity. Canada is almost 4 million square miles with 34 million people or 8 people per square mile.

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