Things You Should Never Say to a Homesteader

| 3/31/2015 11:17:00 AM

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When we first started our homesteading journey, I was constantly amazed by some of the things people said. Not just from those who don't understand self-sufficiency, but also from those who are just like us. We are in competition with no one. We love this lifestyle, because it suits us. And we never want to be judgmental to those who don't enjoy the same lifestyle that we do. If you truly knew me personally, then you would see the beautiful array of colors and religions and lifestyles of friends that I have, and I love them all the same!

It's always a good thing to taste your words before spitting them out. And other times, it's nice to put yourself in someone else's shoes before thinking their life is a walk in the park. The moral of the story? Think before you speak, and show more grace than necessary...because ultimately, none of us "have it all together."

Here are 10 Things You Should Never Say to a Homesteader...If You're a Non-Homesteader

1. "You mean, you eat that?"

Yes, because I've seen where that chicken from the grocery store that is sitting on your plate comes from, and I would rather lick my backyard than eat what you're eating. Oh, and my kid helps me process my food, too!

The sad reality is that if you truly knew where your food came from, what was inside of it, and how it was processed, you probably wouldn't eat it either. Fermenting, curing, and butchering your own food is a lost art -- we simply want to revive it and teach others just how simple and rewarding it is. And in the long run, it's much healthier for you.

4/1/2015 1:46:27 PM

Preach, sister! I really enjoyed this one. And PS: I simply cannot believe people would seriously offer $20 for a $100 animal, or try to bargain you out of a profit for the things you're selling. That would be like my boss saying on payday, "Will you take $200 for that $800 salary I promised?" Sheesh!

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