The Year of Magical Walking

| 1/17/2012 9:50:23 AM

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 By Cam Mather

I have written a few too many ranting blogs lately, ranting about the impending collapse of the dollar and my unexplained angst about being a solar early adopter (I haven’t posted that one yet), so figured it was time for something lighter.

It’s not hard to write a positive blog when I have major buzz on, the buzz that comes after a great weekend of firewood cutting and hauling. I’ve been missing these usual activities this winter so far because of the lack of snow and cold weather. Like many North Americans, we have been experiencing bizarre winter weather, or actually a lack of it. It’s been warm and rainy when it should be cold and snowy. If I wanted “wet coast” weather I’d move out there, and then at least I’d have some mountains to admire.

Now I’m not complaining. We did have a white Christmas when most of our province didn’t. And we even had enough ice to skate, although it was just on December 25th. By the 26th it was warm again and the ice turned to mush.

Last Thursday we got wet snow and freezing rain, and then on Friday we got a dumping of snow as the temperature dropped. The trees got covered in an amazing blanket of ice and wet snow and then froze into this brilliant “Hallmark Greeting Card-like fantasyland. Overnight on Friday the temperature dropped to 20° below Celsius (-4°F) and then on Saturday night it was almost 30°C below (-22°F). To a lot of people 25 below sounds terrible, but I love it. It usually happens when a high-pressure system sits over us, which means that during the day we have brilliant, cloud-free skies. And it’s actually the time when we get the most juice out of our solar panels since they love the cold. Even though the sun is still very low, at some points I was getting close to our array’s total rated capacity of 2,300 Watts. I simply love this weather!

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