The View from My Window

| 8/18/2011 9:56:27 AM

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When we lived in suburbia I ran our business, Aztext Electronic Publishing, out of our basement. I had started in an office, wore a tie to work, joined the Chamber of Commerce and did all the usual business stuff. But once the business got going and I was working crazy long hours, the office seemed irrelevant so I moved into the basement. It was great to be able to work from home and spend time with my daughters. We set up a craft table for them in the office, and they quickly learned to tone down the noise level whenever the phone rang and I needed to speak to a client.

The downside to locating my office in the basement was that the window looked out on to the driveway and most of the time I looked up at the underside of our car. Oh it was a beautiful undercarriage, but uninspiring. Okay I lied. Most of the time our car was rusting out as we put every penny into paying off our mortgage so we could escape to the woods.

And escape we did. And now it’s very rare that anyone who gets the tour of this place doesn’t comment on the amazing view from my office. And I must concur. It is a dream come true. I look out at trees that cover some of our 150 acres and it’s just an amazing place to work and write.

When we moved here there was a small depression near the house that had been left by earthmovers grabbing fill for the road when it was upgraded past our house. At that time the owners of this place lived in the city and so they didn’t mind some topsoil being scraped off. It breaks my heart to think of what little topsoil that was there being dumped in the road, but I did notice this depression tended to hold water longer in the spring. So I had backhoe in to dig it even deeper and now we have a pond to look at. In the spring it’s a small lake and we often have mergansers nesting in the boxes that Michelle’s dad built for us. We also have several muskrats that make their home here and I cannot help but sing The Captain and Tennille’s song “Muskrat Love.” Something must be going in their den.

In the winter the pond becomes the skating rink and as I’ve blogged about before, I take great joy in my skating rink. You can’t conveniently buy a skating rink, but each winter I get to enjoy skating on my own pond, which, as a Canadian, is deeply engrained in my DNA.

The view out of my office window has been upgraded over the years, a “continuous quality improvement” sort of endeavor. Our first solar tracker (the diagonal piece of steel at the bottom right) had two rounds of solar panel additions, and then we built the second tracker with room for more, which we eventually managed to fill up.

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