The "Stoven"

| 4/26/2013 2:42:00 PM

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During the warmer months we cook our food outside either in our Sun Oven or in our wood-fired earthen “Stoven”. As the name suggests it's a combination cob oven and rocket stove.

The StovenOur first summer on the land was a busy one with all the major repairs that needed doing on the house so we cooked on a simple rocket stove built from bricks. It was awkward, inefficient, and smoky but it got the job done for those few months. Last year, as we figured out our systems and got to know our house and land, we created an outdoor kitchen on our front porch. I had learned some about earthen rocket stoves from Ernie and Erica when they came through town (the “Good Stove” was one model) so was excited to embark on creating our own.  I had the following goals in mind:

1. efficient with fuel use

2. pleasant to use

3. kept smoke away from the cook

4. didn't get pots sooty (I loathe soot)

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