The Stay-at-Home Advantages of Freelance Writing as a Homesteader

| 9/6/2016 12:44:00 PM

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When my husband and I moved to our Appalachian homestead just over a year ago, we had no idea what to expect from this new lifestyle or whether we would even enjoy it. In fact, we barely knew how we were going to support ourselves!

Because the land we live on is part of Big Laurel, an Appalachian nonprofit and a land trust, we were fortunate enough to spend the first year working through AmeriCorps, which allowed us to host outside groups at our mountain retreat and give them some exposure to rural Appalachia.

Though AmeriCorps was an incredible opportunity for us, it wasn't a sustainable employment option for the long run, and 6 months into our stay, we began to explore other ways of making an income that would allow us to keep living on our homestead.


My husband was fortunate enough to get the position of director of Big Laurel, but my next job didn't line up so easily. Finding a job away from home was difficult for me for a few key reasons.

1. Our driveway alone is 30 minutes long. Not only do we live on top of a mountain, we live a long ways away from any town whatsoever. There is no “quick trip” anywhere, and getting a job away from home would require me to spend hours driving everyday.

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