The Harvest, The Hunt, and The Balance of Money and Life

| 10/28/2017 1:37:00 PM

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Readers may recall that I typically write about harvesting energy from renewable sources, but I also harvest living, growing things.


This was an excellent fruit production year in Vermont. I filled the pantry with quite a few jars of pear, grape, and apple preserves. Someday I’ll figure out how to keep curculio off the plums without the heavy duty toxic treatment and make plum jam too. The bees did well with strong hives and good honey stores moving into the fall.

preserving the harvest


The solar harvest was also excellent, filling the batteries almost daily. October is typically a fairly rainy month, leading right into the dismal, gray, stick season of November and December. This year though, it was sunny, warm and dry through almost all of October. That put a damper on the foliage, but the weather is finally turning now. I try to capture at least part of those winds of transition with the wind generator atop a 100 foot tower to help power my off-grid home.

residential renewable energy

More Food

Farm animals are being harvested now too. My own “Back-40” has supported chickens, sheep, and pigs over the years. Slaughtering and butchering animals are two of my most favorite things to be done with. Hunting season is open for turkey, whitetail deer, moose, rabbit, grouse, among others. Every couple of years, when I have the luxury of time to spend in the woods, I hunt for deer; and every so often I get lucky and top off the freezer with venison.

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