The Great Blog Smackdown

| 5/12/2011 6:29:13 AM

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Ouch! That hurt. I got a major slap down on my “Oprah for President” blog here on Mother Earth News. Here’s the comment;

"Cam-Really, really sad. No let me reconsider...pathetic. Yes, that's the right word... 'Pathetic.' This is the first time I have read your blog. I can assure you I won't waste another minute of my valuable time in the future. I suggest that the MEN editors not waste ours. Our world is going to heck in a handbasket and all you folks can diddle with is carbon 'offsets', bamboo cutting boards and anthropomorphic gobal climate change. We need to learn how to grow food and survive today! While this clown is bathering on about Oprah (A fine woman and lady I am sure)I am raising eggs and broilers for sale and planting gardens and fields of staples to feed my family and friends. There are 50 million un-employed,very hungry and scared people in America who need the info today and folks like me who need to learn how to do it better. And all you fools are doing is 'fiddling while Rome burns". Let me rephrase my opening comment. It shouldn't be directed at Cam, but at MEN mag itself...Pathetic."


Man, did he tear a strip off of me! (I have no idea the gender of the commenter. For the sake of simplicity I will refer to the commenter as a “he.")

It’s a good thing that I’m not a politician, because when I read something like this my first response is to become defensive and tell the commenter the way things really are. In the numerous meetings I’ve had with politicians over the years what I’ve come to learn is that most of them are really, really bad listeners. Not only are they not listening, and planning what they’re going to say next based on it, they’re just thinking of things they feel like pontificating about. So in my attempt to be the sort of man that Oprah would want me to be, I’m trying to understand this person’s perspective even if it pisses him off that I’m referencing Oprah.

Not only do I understand his response to my Oprah blog, I fully agree with it. But timing in life and in blogs, is everything. If the first blog of mine he read was the subsequent one about getting our chickens, we might have connected. But as fate would have it, he hit the Oprah one. The commenter says, “We need to learn how to grow food and survive today!” Funny thing, I wrote a book called “Thriving During Challenging Times, The Energy, Food and Financial Independence Handbook” about exactly that topic. So if he had spent any time checking me out, I think he might have had a different response.

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