The Dirt On Wood Stoves

| 3/2/2017 11:21:00 AM

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Ever since I can remember, we have always burned firewood to heat our home. It never seemed out of the ordinary to have a pile of wood next to the wood stove or out on the porch. It was commonplace in our home.

Many new homesteads that are popping up today are finding new value in burning firewood. With the cost of rising heat prices, this alternative is becoming a viable option for those who either have access to their own source of firewood, or public access, or can buy it locally from someone who harvests firewood themselves.

There are many factors involved in heating with a wood stove.  Here are some essential tips to help to maximize efficiency and contribute to a successful heating experience.

Find A Place For the Stove

Sounds like a no-brainier but this fundamental tip is imperative since it will affect everything that pertains to the stove, such as heat distribution, dirt and safety!

Hauling The Firewood: Ask yourself how will you be hauling in the wood? Will you have to walk thru a kitchen or a living area? Will the wood box be located next to the stove or at an entry door? Remind yourself that you will be hauling in wood during the worst of weather conditions (snowy winter/muddy spring.) All of this will track in dirt.

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