The Debauchery of Christmas

| 1/3/2011 12:44:09 PM

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By Cam Mather

While I have been known to rant about conspicuous consumption, I need to admit that I do buy a few Christmas presents. In my “Thriving During Challenging Times” workshops (which I based my book on), I discuss strategies for getting out of debt. One of the most basic strategies, of course, is to just not buy stuff. I do qualify my advice though and suggest that a few presents on Christmas are OK.

In our family we try to make some of our gifts. My daughter Nicole knitted a beautiful scarf for me from yarn that she bought at Value Village! Double whammy – it’s handmade and the yarn was secondhand! It’s marvelous! My daughter Katie used some of the beautiful photos that she has taken here at Sunflower Farm to put together a calendar at the Apple Store (online). The quality is unbelievable. They were both fantastic gifts.



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