The Benefits of Highland Cattle Genetics

| 10/22/2012 12:24:38 PM

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American Highland Cattle Association
With the continuing upward trend of interest in locally grown, humanely handled, naturally raised healthy beef, Highland cattle are a perfect fit. The surge in demand for natural beef rose a whopping 28 percent last year. Highland genetics are a natural match to grass based, grass finished operations. This breed has remained relatively unchanged over the centuries and hasn’t experienced fads due to show-ring pressure. They naturally browse and forage and maternal longevity is a bonus. The average birth weight of this heritage breed is 65-70 lbs. It is no surprise that 97 percent of calves reported in our performance program were born with no difficulty or assistance. Good temperaments are another trait. 94 percent of recorded docility scores are reported as exceptionally calm to calm in most situations.

We believe our beef is a cut above the rest! In conjunction with Dr. Bryon Wiegand and the University of Missouri, the Highland Cattle Foundation is funding a new Highland beef research study.  It is measuring: a) fatty acid profiles of steak and ground beef; b) Warner Bratzler Shear Force tenderness value of cooked steaks; and c) assessing sensory characteristics of Highland beef. This is the first study of this magnitude and we are eager to share results as soon as they are available.  

If you interested in discussing our performance program, new beef research or raising these grass genetics, contact us today.

For more information contact:

American Highland Cattle Association
Historic City Hall
22 S. 4th Ave., Ste. 201
Brighton, CO 80601-2030
(303) 659-2399
(303) 659-2241 fax 

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