The Benefits of Buying Locally

| 4/6/2016 2:46:00 PM

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Generally, filing your taxes isn’t cause for inspiration, but for the first time ever after filing taxes, I feel really good. Let me explain.

When Dan and I first decided we wanted to start Sugar River Farm, there was a lot of introspection as to why. We both enjoy working with animals, being outdoors, spending time together, the satisfaction of a productive day and good food, but this desire to farm seemed to also stem from a more basic need: Connection.

Given this digital world we live in, online shopping, friendships, news, customer service, dating, research, advice forums, opinions, recipes, etc., while all very helpful and efficient, can leave us feeling somewhat separated or insulated from reality.

Dan and I realized we wanted to be a part of a community. We were seeking connection to life, wishing to create something to contribute, wishing for our contribution to matter. We wanted to buy from and sell to our friends and neighbors. We wanted to know who was eating our meat and we wanted our customers to enjoy their food just that much more knowing that we, Dan and Kristen from the market, had raised these animals with care, respect and uncompromising standards. We wanted our vendors to be people we knew, people who recognized us when we walked through their door. We wanted to know that our business helped them grow theirs.

Sugar River Mobile Coops

Which brings me to taxes. Having just gone through a year’s worth of receipts and finally completed our "Schedule F" for our business taxes (Profit and Loss From Farming), I am very struck by just how much of our spending is going back towards our community. After some number crunching, I realized that over 75 percent of Sugar River Farm’s expenditures were spent at local and family-owned businesses.

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