The ABCs of Homesteading: N is for Nutrition Management

| 3/6/2018 10:25:00 AM

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Even before I started homesteading full-time, and raising and growing my own food at home, I lived on a diet of mainly local, farm fresh vegetables, fruits, meats, and other products. I almost never ate packaged foods and I exercised regularly. Yet I still wasn't healthy. In fact, I was sick all the time from asthma, allergies, stomach ailments, headaches, and back pain.

When we first moved to our homestead, it would take me whole day to dig a few holes to plant grapevines or to prepare one row of our garden. And I had to rest frequently to get it done. Now I can easily dig 10 deep holes, install a fence, and prepare several rows of our garden beds in half a day's work. Then I can milk goats, haul hundreds of pounds of water around our homestead, toss around 50 pound feed bags like a Scottish Highlander hurling trees, and more. My asthma symptoms are even infrequent now.

I have more energy, strength, and stamina as a homesteader at 42 years of age than I did as an athlete at 18. So what changed?

Part of the dramatic improvement in my performance is simply that I have become more skilled in the years since we moved here. I also get a whole lot more exercise throughout the day, as a homesteader, than I did working in an office so I am more physically fit. But there are also less obvious, but equally tangible reasons why my health is so improved. I attribute quite a bit of it to some basic dietary changes that have happened as a result of homesteading.

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