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| 4/29/2011 12:01:12 PM

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issue coverI am so excited to be a blogger on this site.  It is an honor and privilege to be included in such a distinguished group of bloggers.   In the early 70's I was in a grocery store and saw Mother Earth News on the rack.  I leafed through it and thought it would be something I would enjoy, so I purchased it and started reading the articles, and I couldn't put it down. That single act sparked a dream that lasted and grew over the next 25 years.  What started out as inspiration from that single issue of Mother ended up with us living our dream and moving to the mountains in southern Colorado.  

We now live at 9,750 feet.  We have lived here full time for 14 years in what I consider a fairly harsh environment.  We heat with a wood stove, cut and split by hand all our firewood (11 cords) to see us through our very long winters.  

I have never written a book, have no expertise in any specific area, but we have lived and survived here in the mountains for 14 years.  We are living our dream that started with what was probably the first issue of Mother all those years ago.  That tiny dream grew and was nurtured by all those unselfish contributors that wrote articles which encouraged and inspired us to live that dream today. We used much of what we learned in Mother in our homestead.  

It would be my hope that in participating in this blog that I could do the same for someone else.  We live remote and often are visited by wild animals, we have constant repairs, improvements, and routine chores that I will report on.  I hope it will inspire others to pursue their dream, ask questions, and contribute their experience.  But most of all to see first hand if we can do it, you can too.  For a better idea of who we are check out the First Hand Report in the Aug/Sept 2010, issue of Mother.  Or we would invite you to view our personal blog site that tells of our daily life, mountain man wisdom,  humor, and everyday trials and blessings with photos.   It is located at  

We are where we are today because of Mother and perhaps we can now return the favor for others.  Had it not been for purchasing that issue of Mother Earth News, I have no doubt that we could never have achieved our dream.  So don't be afraid to dream, you just never know where it may take you.  Look where it took us!  It may have taken many years to accomplish but step by step we finally got there and you can do the same.    

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ya i love my mother

4/29/2011 6:54:39 PM

Bruce, it was certainly a pleasure reading your first blog. There is no doubt that you will be an inspiration to many as they live vicariously through you in your wonderful nature world. Perhaps for some, your thoughts will be just what they need to take the next step in meeting the passions of their hearts. John Muir once wrote,'The darkest scriptures of the mountains are illuminated with bright passages of love.' Thank you for extending this brightness to us!

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