A Texas Rancher Shares Homestead Inspiration

| 7/23/2015 7:59:00 AM

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Barn After Rain

Everyone has a dream, and although we are lucky enough to have had ours come true, our homestead lifestyle required time and work to make a reality. I’m so honored to be invited to write for one of my all-time favorite publications, MOTHER EARTH NEWS, in order to share with you how we made our homestead dream come true.

Having a Good Life but Wanting More

My husband and I had the good life (at least a version of it): We lived in Dallas and had a nice home, wonderful children, promising careers and all that qualifies for the good ‘ole American life in suburbia. We were in close proximity to entertainment and restaurants, museums and parks, movie theaters and concert halls.

But after awhile, it felt like we were doing the same thing every day and we no longer felt fulfilled. We wanted something more.

I’ve always been keenly environmentally aware, even as a youngster. Before it was the “in” thing to do, I was refusing plastic shopping bags, instead opting to bring my own reusable fabric bags. We wanted a better connection to land and environment. I especially hate to waste food and am constantly searching for ways to fully utilize the food we’ve grown or purchased. We’ve constructed raised bed. I’m careful to use lots of rich compost when I’m planting to give those seedlings a healthy start.

Newborn Calf 

7/25/2015 8:31:22 AM

This is an amazingly inspirational story. We also dream of someday moving to the country far from the concrete jungle. Thanks for the added motivation.

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