Testing Out the Meadow Creature Broadfork

| 7/10/2013 3:42:00 PM

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Author David Goodman tries out his broadfork.Some time back, our own Cheryl gave a glowing review of the “Vashon” broadfork, now known as the Meadow Creature broadfork.

I was intrigued. Would this wild-looking medieval torture device be useful on my sandy homestead down in Florida? I’m already a big fan of John Jeavons and double-digging, so getting a broadfork was high on my list of Things To Do Before I Die.

The idea kicked around in my head for a while until I finally gave in and talked to the company directly. Since I write for multiple outlets – and was in a region that knows nothing of broadforks – they sent me one of their forks to test out.

Note: Sending a writer your product isn’t the safest thing to do. If you don’t believe in what you’re making, you’d better not do that sort of thing. Writers are mean-spirited little creatures who enjoy crushing dreams. (Not that I have anything against them personally! Some of my best friends are writers!)

When the broadfork arrived in the mail and I took it from its packaging, I was immediately impressed with how tough a tool it was. We’re talking indestructible tough. Now the company doesn’t claim they’re indestructible, but trust me: to break this thing, you’d have to be Sampson himself.

I took it out front for a test. Since I never do anything the easy way, I tried it on the most compacted and root-filled area of my front yard. It sliced into the ground with a minimum of effort and I was able to break ground that would have bounced my tiller all over the place.

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