Millions Against Monsanto

In California, grass roots volunteers delivered almost a million petitions signed by registered voters to restore our fundamental right to know what's in our food.

| May 2, 2012

If you want to support efforts to require labeling of foods containing GMOs, you may want to contribute to this initiative. — MOTHER                      

Today,  May 2, 2012,  is the day Monsanto and corporate agribusiness have been dreading, and the day that millions of us have been waiting for.

Today a grassroots corps of volunteer petition gatherers arrived at County Clerks' offices in all 58 counties in California. They delivered almost a million petitions signed by registered voters along with this message:  

Millions against Monsanto are taking back our democracy and restoring our fundamental right to know what's in our food. 

This is the first step in putting the California Right to Know Genetically Engineered Food Act on the ballot in November. Now it's time for the next step: ramping up the campaign so that millions of fired-up voters in California will turn out in record numbers on November 6 to pass this initiative.  

To make this happen, a broad coalition of food, farm, health, public interest, and environmental groups all over the country, joined by leading organic food companies, are delivering this same message today: Let's drop the money bomb on Monsanto. 

5/4/2012 6:40:33 PM

Hasn't MEN missed a chance to earn some revenue here? Isn't this really a partisan political announcement and should be required to pay an advertisment fee?...We don't even need to address the lack of scientific suppport for the contentions claimed or the lack of clear benefit to requiring the labeling. ..If these regs are passed, how many small food manufacturers will be burdened because their product contains, say, fructose from GMO corn, like almost all bottled, canned or boxed, cooked foods do?

5/4/2012 2:46:06 PM

Unfortunately for me, I am sceptical in regards to such well worded campaigns. I absolutely support the cause, but would like to know how much of the donated funds will actually be used for the stated purpose and how much will be used to pay "costs and expenses" on a percentage basis. Someone is getting paid to carry on with this effort and we should know how much that might be. Thank you!

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