Sustainable Agriculture, Farming, Gardening, and Food: A Resource List

| 8/23/2013 8:57:00 AM

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This is a list of links to information resources related to sustainable agriculture, organic farming and gardening, and growing and buying good, safe food.

These resources are organized into the following general categories (though some are relevant to more than one category): Organizations, Educational Programs, Funding & Investing, Permaculture, Urban Farms, Agri-Tourism/Farm Tours, International/Non-U.S. Initiatives, Films and Books. This listing is not comprehensive. Please add a Comment to mention any other relevant resources that you would recommend.

At the end of the post, you will find a few suggestions of simple ways that almost everyone can get involved in the good food movement.

OrganizationsNon GMO poster

Educational Programs

Funding and Investing


[Partial list; please mention other groups in the Comments.]

Urban Farms

[This is just a small selection; there are many, many more. Please mention other urban farms you are familiar with in the Comments.]

Agri-Tourism/Farm Tours

International/Non-U.S. Initiatives

Films and Books

Many films about food and farming have come out recently. One of the most recent is Symphony of the Soil.

Joey Schlaegel
12/17/2013 1:28:06 PM

We designed and built an energy independent and sustainable mushroom farm in Sacramento, Simply Manna Gourmet Mushrooms. We grow gourmet mushrooms on a certified organic waste material and get 200% bio efficiency out of it! Our only "waste" product is a highly nutritious cattle feed. We also work with local organizations and schools to help educate students on sustainable farming innovations and practices. We'd love it if you could add us to your list! Go check us out and feel free to contact me.

9/3/2013 11:07:38 AM

For the organizations section, I'd add: WV Food and Farm Coalition ( Value Chain Cluster Initiative ( For funding and investing, I'd add: Natural Capital Investment Fund (htttp:// ShadeFund (

8/23/2013 10:26:34 PM

Both an urban farm and an educational program!

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