How Do You Support Sustainable Farming?

| 3/26/2010 10:26:54 AM

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Farm to Consumer  Many factors affect the way our land is cultivated and the overall quality of the food that finds its way to our tables. Between elections, when you’re not actually voting for the representatives that support sustainable agriculture initiatives, you can still send a message by voting with your dollars. Whether you’re shopping for groceries or going out eat, making sustainable choices is more important than ever. And thanks to Sustainable Table, it’s also easier than ever. You can create a personalized guide of local farms, stores, restaurants and more that share your passion for real food and responsible means of producing it. 

 How do you show your support for a food system overhaul?


Jan Steinman
3/31/2010 1:09:51 PM

"How do you show your support for a food system overhaul?" There are more direct ways of "voting with your dollars" than purchase decisions. EcoReality Co-op is fighting to save its land. You can help!

3/31/2010 12:24:01 PM

We try to support sustainable farming through word and deed. I have a blog where I write regularly about sustainable agriculture, especially local, organic food. I try to restrict my recipes mostly to seasonal items, like the meringue cookie recipe I posted this weekend to help out folks who are dealing with an abundance of eggs from chickens that are happy that spring has sprung. I plug our regional Locally Grown market whenever I can too. We also grow much of our own food in our organic garden, and what we don't grow we try to buy from local, sustainable sources. We're not perfect at it, but we do try every day.

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