Sumatra Chickens at the Poultry Show

| 2/18/2015 9:26:00 AM

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Recently I attended two poultry shows, one near Richmond, Virginia, and one in Knoxville, Tennessee. I enjoy going to poultry shows because I love seeing the strange rare and exotic breeds that I rarely get to see otherwise and meeting all the people who love poultry as much as I do.

The first show that I went to was the one near Richmond. It was hosted by the Virginia Poultry Breeders Association (VPBA) and was held at the Caroline County fairground. I brought two of my Sumatras, one blue, who placed third out of five, and a black one named Jet (as in the black stone), who placed second out of four.

While I was at the show I saw plenty of fascinating chicken breeds; my favorites were the D'anvers, the Orloff, and the La Fleche. The most interesting was a Ko-Shamo, a breed that is newly accepted by the American Bantam Association (ABA), and a breed I had never heard of before, called the Olandsk Dwarf!

I also saw tons of waterfowl, including the East Indies Duck, the Runner Duck, the African Goose, the Egyptian Goose, and the Muscovy Duck. They had turkeys there too, but they were moving around so much that I couldn't get a good picture.

In Showmanship I placed second out of three. Some of the questions I was asked were:

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