Sudden Chicken Death: What Are the Causes?

| 4/2/2014 3:49:00 PM

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Rhode Island RedOne day this winter I found a chicken dead in the coop.

I’ve lost birds before, because of a weasel attack and a pile-up as chicks. But this death was totally strange.

The night before, when I closed up the coop, all eight birds were roosting and looking fine. Nothing out of the ordinary.

The next morning, when I opened the coop for the day, all the hens were clucking away and bustling around like normal.

It was only later in the day when I brought the chickens back inside that I noticed the dead bird.

The hen was collapsed on her side on the floor at the back of the coop. Eyes closed. Body limp and floppy. She showed no obvious signs of trauma: no blood, no injury, nothing stuck in her mouth or throat. Her comb and wattles were cold and pale. But her abdomen was still slightly warm. There may have been a pulse when I checked under her wing; it may have been the pulse in my own fingers.

5/21/2018 6:34:49 PM

we just had 15 chickens randomly die last night, along with 3 goats. The chickens have no wounds, and were in their coop area spread out naturally as if they died where they were all standing at the same time. The goats were in 3 different areas about an acre spread out. One goat had a puncture wound on the lower side if his stomach. One had no wounds, and was just lying dead, and the other was similar, but looked like something had chewed at his rectum/butt area. Around 2am last night we heard one of the goats in distress, and right after heard the yard dog barking, and then yelped, and ran off like something hurt it. Our neighbors are about as clueless, and also very curious what could have happened, or got to the animals. The chickens being the most suspecious. Last, our cat had a huge junk of its hair ripped out... almost looked shaved! All of this, one night and between 2AM, AND 5AM. Any ideas or suggestions? thank you all kindly

3/19/2018 8:43:56 AM

My white fouls dieing and turn blue then all their stuff feathers falling of what do I do to prevent the others from dieing

3/19/2018 8:43:54 AM

I have so white fouls and their feather just falling of and within a day the dead,when the all dead they turn blue and don't even have on a feather what to do to prevent the others from dieing?!!!!

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