Farming Advice: A Dollar Ruler, Foiling Mice and Storing Garlic Cloves

Farming advice from MOTHER and her readers, including a dollar used as a ruler, foil helps rid a house of pesky mice, and storing garlic cloves in cooking oil.

| July/August 1985

MOTHER EARTH NEWS readers share their farming advice, fun tips and country folklore, including a dollar transformed into a ruler, how to foil pesky mice and storing garlic cloves in cooking oil. 

Farming Advice: A Dollar Ruler, Foiling Mice and Storing Garlic Cloves

The Dollar Rules! 

Former staffer B.V. Alvarez, of Roanoke, Virginia, has found something to do with his money besides spend it. B.V. reports that all American paper currency measures just a fraction over or under six inches. Thus, by folding a bill once to halve its length and then opening it up and folding each half into three even parts, you'll have a one-to six-inch ruler that—unless you're flat broke—will always be as near as your pocket or purse.

A Hot Tip 

"Don't throw out baking soda that no longer effectively deodorizes your refrigerator," writes Canadian reader Jim Payette, of Soo, Ontario. Jim goes on to say that "even months-old soda can be used to extinguish all types of fires (wood, grease, etc.). Simply stir up the old soda, pour it into a coffee can or similar container with a lid, and place the can in a handy spot —in a corner of the kitchen or near a woodstove, for example. If a fire breaks out, a few handfuls of baking soda tossed at the base of the flames will quickly cool things down. This is especially appropriate for use on cast iron stoves, where the sudden cooling effect of water could crack or warp the metal."

Foiling Mice 

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