Use Lip Balm as a Sticky Pine Sap Remover

Can't get pine sap off your hands when you are outdoors? Use lip balm as a sticky pine sap remover, lip balm also works wonders on sticky price tags.

| October/November 2000

You can use your handy pocket lip balm as a sticky pine sap remover on your hands. 

Here's something that I always have in my pocket and that has come to my rescue many times. Have you ever been out camping or hiking and gotten the sticky sap of a pine or spruce on your hands? As we all know, soap and water won't get it off - but that little tube of Chap Stick® in your pocket will work as a sticky pine sap remover perfectly. It's also great for getting off that nasty adhesive left from price stickers. I recently bought a pair of reading glasses that had the price sticker stuck onto the right lens. My Chap Stick® got the sticker gunk off in a flash without harming the lens. For years I have wanted to share this secret but didn't know how to get the word out. Thanks, MOTHER!

Andy Wazelle
Machias, ME

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