A Beginners Guide to Starting Seeds Indoors

| 3/18/2013 3:57:56 PM

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seed in soilThe biggest trick to starting your seeds at home is knowing when to start them inside.

To eliminate any guesswork or counting backwards I’ve developed The Seed Starting Calculator.

Before you start to plant any of your seeds, enter your last frost free date into this calculator and it will tell you when to start your different vegetable seeds and when you can plant them outside.

If you have kids that don't like vegetables I'll tell you right now, the easiest way to get them to eat veggies, is to have them grow them themselves.  I say this with all the confidence of someone who doesn't have kids.

I was, however, a child myself at one point.  That's how I know this little method works.

My dad always had a vegetable garden.  Like me, my dad had a tiny case of OCD.  The rows were measured, everything was thinned out perfectly and he obsessed over his tomato plants.  The goal of course was to grow the biggest tomatoes possible.  Like most men, he thought bigger was better.  Much to the chagrin of my mother he'd often return from the market with carrots the size of table legs.  Once in grade 5, when the neighborhood kids and I couldn't find a football, we substituted with one of my dad's potatoes.

3/24/2018 4:21:57 PM

Thank you for these starter tips. I'm trying for the first time to grow my veggies from seed and could use all the help I can get.

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