Starting an Herb Business

Starting an herb business from the ground up, includes a guide for growing herbs, harvesting herbs, saving herb seed and selling your products.

| March/April 1971

These gardening tips will help you get organized when starting an herb business.

Starting an Herb Business

The growing and processing of herbs for a living offers greater opportunities today than ever before. There has been a wide resurgence of interest both in culinary and medicinal herbs which has opened new markets that are waiting to be served by small growers like yourself. Hardly a month passes by that some large national magazine does not carry an article or feature on herbs. Even LIFE Magazine not long ago, devoted a lengthy, well-illustrated feature to the subject. The demand for herb plants and seeds is growing rapidly, and most nurseries dealing in them report that the demand is still ahead of the supply.

A Few Examples of How People Grew into the Herb Business

Forty years ago, when he was a schoolboy, Roy E. Anderson was given a dozen chive plants by his mother. He now grows and markets 35 acres of this herb and is the largest grower of chives in the country.

Sheldon and Hariette Widmer, when they retired to a small farm in Indiana, decided it would be fun to raise herbs. The hobby grew into a successful business, and today their Cherry Hill Herbs are nationally famous.

Miss Arnold, in 1939, bought a single horehound plant at the Providence, Rhode Island spring flower show. She now produces and markets 3000 pounds of this dried herb material alone, plus scores of other varieties.

Patricia Winters, whose start was as humble as Miss Arnold's, now grows 15 acres of herbs and employs 12 people at the height of the season.

8/17/2007 9:36:14 AM

I want information how to start a herb business and how to plant herbs.

8/17/2007 9:35:41 AM

I want information how to start a herb business and how to plant herbs.

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