Squirrel-Proof Your Bird Feeder

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Suet ? hard fat trimmed from beef ? is a great food to attract
woodpeckers and other insect-eating birds. But the suet cakes sold
in stores usually have added grain that may cause squirrels to tear
them apart, and they’re more expensive than suet you can get from a
butcher shop.

In order to save money and squirrel-proof your bird feeder, you can
buy a big bag of suet from a butcher for just a couple dollars. Cut
the suet into pieces that will fit into your suet feeder, then
store extra in your freezer. (Some supermarkets sell suet but
others get all their meat pre-cut and boxed, and the workers in the
meat section may not even know what suet is. The best place to
obtain suet is at a local butcher shop that processes whole beef.)
If you don’t add any extra nuts or seeds, the squirrels won’t
bother the suet.