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Homesteading and Livestock

Self-reliance and sustainability in the 21st century.

Spotlight on Earth Stewardship: Eric Stevens

Each “Spotlight on Stewardship” will focus on answers to the following five questions.

1) What inspired you to be a steward of the Earth?

2) What major obstacles have gotten in your way?

3) To you, what are the 5 most pressing environmental issues?

4) What would be your 5 solutions to those issues?

5) What steps are you taking personally to contribute to a brighter future for the planet?

Since my husband has broadened my horizons in the plant world and inspires me daily, I am privileged to share his story first. Below are his answers to the 5 questions.

Eric Stevens“Spotlight on Stewardship”- Eric Stevens, Artist, Executive Farmer at La Vista CSA Farm


“1. I first became a steward of the Earth when I began to realize that small change can make a huge difference. As I became more informed of simple ways of being eco conscious such as recycling, using less energy and water and planting more trees, I began integrating those methods into my life.

2. The momentum and pattern of the society we live in and how we are shaped by the modern world have been the biggest obstacles for me. It has become the norm to rely on technology to live our everyday lives. It has become un-natural to be natural because caring about the earth seems to go against the grain in today’s fast pace world.

3. To me the five most pressing environmental issues are

4. My solutions to those issues would be:Eric's veggies 

5. I grow food sustainably on a small scale CSA farm. I host workshops which promote sustainable practices. I am teaching my children about the importance of knowing where food comes from and how it’s grown. I recycle everything. I compost and harvest my own worm casting to feed our crops. My woodworking projects are all made with reclaimed materials. My goal is to plant as many trees possible in my lifetime. I am part of the Missouri Stream Team and like to take part in litter cleanup on all of the waterways. I like to live near my workplace so that the option of biking and walking is readily available. While those are all just small steps, I strongly feel that every action will help contribute to a brighter future.”