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Our Oberhasli Goats Mabel and Ginger

When it comes to raising dairy goats, a lot of time and money is spent keeping production up. Whether consuming the milk or making products from it, healthy happy goats are a necessity in good production. Owning dairy animals requires extreme loyalty to the animals. Early mornings and late nights are just the beginning of what dairy families endure. So, when a product is found that can make life a little simpler, why not give it try?

Farmers and homesteaders can’t necessarily afford the opportunity to try out a lot of new products. What if you spend a ton of money to only find yourself disappointed with the purchase? For many, this fear alone keeps them from trying new equipment and/or products. Smaller dairy producers seem to have a hard time justifying the purchase of expensive milking equipment. Strongly due to the fact much of the equipment is setup to use with larger operations. Who wants to go through the hassle of cleaning and sanitizing the equipment and lines twice a day, for just a few animals? So, what great dairy equipment is available for the small guy?

All About the Milker

The machine and accessories when we unpacked it.

The Ultimate EZ Milker, wow where to even start. I have only recently purchased this product but have fallen madly in love with it. With the sad realization that my husband’s Muscular Dystrophy has slowly begun taking his hand coordination, strength, and grip; hand milking is becoming less of an option. So, I began to look into small milking machines for our farm. The price tag for even the smallest of pulsating machines was out of the realm of our financial possibility. The daily upkeep and sterilization of the machines alone seemed way more in-depth than we wanted for a handful of goats.

When I stumbled across the Ultimate EZ Milker, I was intrigued. This little pint-size power punching machine is not your typical milking machine. I needed something easy for my husband to use but also simple for me to clean and maintain. After a lot of research, and what I can only guess were some annoying emails to the owner and his head guy, I felt prepared to make the purchase. Could it really be this easy? Oh my god it is! No need to clean out lines daily, just wash your bottles and nipple inserts, and you’re done. This machine is not a stereotypical pulsating machine, it works off a completely different technology. Even our first freshener took right to it with no issue. Even though the unit comes prepared to milk two teats at once, we have found doing one at time is easier for us. We simply close off the second line, with the included clamp and go about our business. With the Ultimate EZ four adapter, milking two goats at one time is even an option. Don’t let the size full you, it’s a powerful machine with the ability to milk cows, horses, sheep, camels, and goats with ease.

Now if you’re anything like me, I rather not use plastic containers when milking. The company offers glass jars if you prefer them to the plastic ones that come with the unit. Don’t have power to your barn? Well that’s not a problem, they offer a solar option. Although it’s a bit pricey, mainly due to the cost of materials I assume, it is a great option. Wait another month or so and check out their latest accessory, the Ultimate EZ Power Pack. How will it work? Simple, particular sizes of Dewalt, Milwaukee, and Makita brand drill batteries will be able to power the machine.


Milking Mabel our First Freshner

While the product is not “cheap” per say, it’s worth every dime we have invested into it. The cost of the Ultimate EZ Milker is only a fraction of the cost of a traditional pulsating system. Have we had any problems due to the lack of pulsation? Absolutely not! It is extremely gentle on the girls, causing no pain or irritation. With so many great products on the market, how do choose which ones to spend your hard-earned money on? Read all the reviews and talk to other goat lovers, see what has and hasn’t worked for them. While everyone has their own opinions, it’s a great place to start.

For me, I like to go directly to the horse’s mouth. I always contact the higher ups of a company and ask the hundred and one questions I have. If they don’t respond or seem less than willing to provide the information I seek, I simply move on to another product. At the end of the day customer service is number one to me, like most buyers. I want to know if there’s a problem down the road, that the company will work with me to find a solution. If the company is unwilling to talk to you when you’re thinking about purchasing their product, what’s the chance they will when there’s a problem? 

Milking Gizmo

Want to know more? Check out The Ultimate EZ Milker Website.

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