Speaking Engagements, Building Stone Houses, and Other Wisdom from Helen and Scott Nearing

In this installment of their homesteading column, Helen and Scott Nearing discuss their upcoming speaking engagements and provide a little advice on building stone houses.

| July/August 1979

The following are questions readers submitted to Helen and Scott Nearing in their regular column on homesteading. 

Speaking Engagements

Q: I would very much enjoy having the opportunity to hear you people speak. Do you ever give lectures around the country, and if so, could you perhaps use your column to notify interested parties (well in advance, if possible) when and where such talks will be held? 

A: It's difficult to be quite sure, in advance, just where we'll be and when. We usually stick close to the farm and only leave when it really seems necessary.

We did speak in southern Quebec this spring at a bilingual conference on Agriculture Biologique (we had only one month's notice on that). We recently gave a talk at the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Holderness School in Plymouth, New Hampshire, and we appeared on radio and TV to publicize our new book—Continuing the Good Life—in May.

Our first engagement after this issue of MOTHER EARTH NEWS is published will be July 31 to August 3, when we'll speak to the American Natural Hygiene Society at the University of North Carolina. Then, on August 11 and 12, we'll attend the Bread and Puppet Theatre Annual Circus in Glover, Maine. Finally, on Sunday afternoon, September 24, we will speak at the Common Ground Country Fair in Litchfield, Maine.

Building Stone Houses

Q: I've read in MOTHER that you're famous for your stone houses, and I'm interested in building one myself. How did you learn this construction method? And can you give me some helpful tips as to where to begin? 

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