Something Sweeter Than Honey In The Hive

| 12/30/2010 11:02:29 PM

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DavidSheriNewSheri and I would like to extend a warm greeting to you and your family from our little corner of the world, Long Lane Honey Bee Farms.

I want to share with you what I believe is a powerful life lesson indeed. I want to share about the importance beekeeping can have in helping to make our lives complete. Beekeeping can greatly enrich our lives. Most of my life has been spent helping people through many challenges in life. People who have struggled with life’s most challenging blows, poor health, family issues, unemployment, marital issues, and the list goes on.

When life throws us a curve, we may fall into despair and hopelessness. Life is good, but life can be hard at times, sometimes more than we can bear. During these times of struggle we can become overly engrossed in our woes. During these moments of heartache and depression, beekeeping can be very therapeutic.

Lorenzo_LangstrothThe current hive that is standard throughout the beekeeping community was designed by Rev. Lorenzo Lorraine Langstroth (1810-1895). His books and writings appear as if written by the lead entomologist of our day. Without the modern day University labs, Langstroth made life-changing discoveries about the bee and the construction of our current bee hive. Yet, Langstroth had bouts with depression, and when life drove him into some deep moments of despair and hopelessness, he poured himself into his bees. The entrances to his hives were the doorways into comfort and peace. 

IsraelI’ve traveled to Israel 5 different times and remember listening on the news to Israel’s former Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, giving a speech to the UN General Assembly in September, 2005. Part of his speech really left an impression on me. “I was born in the Land of Israel, the son of pioneers — people who tilled the land and sought no fights — who did not come to Israel to dispossess its residents. If the circumstances had not demanded it, I would not have become a soldier, but rather a farmer and agriculturist. My first love was, and remains, manual labor; sowing and harvesting, the pastures, the flock and the cattle.”

1/8/2011 2:07:00 AM

My husband and I have been beekeeping in Brooklyn for 2 years. We are glad to find your blog!

Robert Soth
1/7/2011 5:24:34 PM

Dave and Sheri, It's great to see you with Mother Earth. I've been getting your lessons for quite a while and appreciate all the information you've passed on to us. This will give me another reason to continue with Mother Earth News.

1/7/2011 4:14:01 PM

I read your articles faithfully. I am a new bee owner and have found your information very helpful. Thank You for giving free valuable lessons.

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