A Slice of Winter Homesteading Life (with Videos)

| 12/18/2015 11:39:00 AM

Tags: winter gardening, winter, goats, raising livestock, videos, Anna Hess and Mark Hamilton, Virginia,

Mark pulled out the camera this week to share a few short videos about our winter garden and goats.

I feel like this first video should have come with a warning label. Don't let your spouse watch it if you don't want him or her to succumb to goat mania! Our mini-Nubian is just too darn cute for her own good.

Next up, check out this tour of our cold frame. The video prompted some of our regular blog readers to suggest that we install a automatic vent opener from Harbor Freight. At the moment, we're remaining low-tech and depending on our quick hoops for the majority of our winter-garden protection. But the cold frame does have an important niche, providing extremely late salad greens and extremely early seed starting.

Finally, this last video shows why and how to top brussels sprouts for extended winter harvests. Brussels sprouts are our favorite crop in the fall and early winter garden, and we highly recommend you give them a try next year.

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