Country Lore: Single Sock Uses

A few ways to put your loose and old socks to good use.

| June/July 2001

Old Socks

Old socks can be reused to serve a variety of purposes.

Photo courtesy Giambra/Fotolia

I've always been troubled by loose socks that seem to lie around mourning their mates, so I started putting them to use.

1. They're excellent for storing delicate Christmas ornaments; tuck ornament into the toe, then give the top a twist and fold the rest back over for safe storage.

2. Heavy athletic socks are ideal for slipping over your hand to do some quick dusting.

3. My favorite way to use old socks is as softballs for indoor games. Stuff one sock into the toe of another, tie it close next to the lump, then fold the top back over the toe. Repeat this tying off and folding until there is no sock left. You can stitch the top of the sock closed for a more secure softball if you wish.

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