Simple, Low-Budget, Off-Grid, Gravity-Fed Water System (with Video)

| 9/24/2016 1:47:00 PM

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Since moving to our off grid property just over a year ago, we've had plenty of adventures learning how to become more sustainable and self sufficient. One of the big challenges that we've had to work through has been setting up a long-term, off grid water system. After looking into lots of different methods over the course of the entire year, we've finally established a system that works for us- at least for now. We are tiptoeing towards long-term water sustainability, and our newly-established gravity-fed water system is the right step for us at this time.

The full year we took to better understand the layout of our property and our water needs before getting this system working was completely worth it. There's a lot to be said for patience, and we hope you might learn a thing or two from our process.

The Journey to a Sustainable Water System

When we first arrived on our property, our plan was to either dig a well or collect rainwater. However, we quickly learned that those options weren't the right fit (cost or efficiency-wise) for our situation. Our long-term water plans were delayed and we got by with portable water jugs that were easy to fill up on a quick trip into town.

This strategy worked through this past fall and winter, but it became ineffective when we needed a large supply of water to seal the joinery in our DIY cedar hot tub. With only our portable jugs as a supply, water leaked out faster than we could pour it in. and we knew that if we wanted our tub to be a success it was time to move towards a long-term plan for our water system.


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