More on Sewing Machine Facts

Harry Kublin spent his graduate school years working as a sewing machine serviceman. Here he offers feedback to recent sewing machine articles and provides helpful sewing machine facts for MOTHER readers.

| November/December 1975


It's also handy to know that — in many cases — components of the newer machines are interchangeable with those of the older ones.


The sewing machine articles in MOTHER EARTH NEWS NO. 32 were excellent and informative . . . but I'd like to correct a few misconceptions which they contained, and offer some additional sewing machine facts. I think I'm qualified to do so, since I worked my way through graduate school as a sewing machine serviceman (an occupation, incidentally, which taught me more than I'd anticipated about business ethics in this field).

Sewing Machine Facts and Article Feedback

[1] Sewing machines are virtually indestructible. Most wear out because they must perform difficult tasks such as riveting, drilling, punching, or other operations which require the cutting or penetration of tough material. How much force is needed to push a needle through cloth?

Keep this fact in mind should some unethical salesman try to talk you into trading in your treadle machine on the grounds that it's "noisy" and therefore worn out. The noise is inherent in the design and perfectly normal . . . and if you do turn in the old workhorse, it'll be electrified and sold to another customer.

[2] Ninety percent of service calls are the result of accumulated lint, excess oil, or loss of tension which affects the stitch . . . and even so, service on the average machine is requested only once in seven years or thereabouts. Therefore, an owner who knows how to correct these problems can almost eliminate expenditures for repairs during his or her lifetime.

The following simple steps will do much to keep your machine running smoothly:

[A] Vacuum or blow out the lint that gathers around the head.

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