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Following the Flush to Septic Bliss

By Sarah Beth Jones

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Back when our drains dumped into a city waste water system, we didn’t think much about sewage — beyond what might be behind a plunger. But after moving to a farmhouse with a neglected, though functioning, septic system, we’ve found ourselves flush with tank tips.

toilet paper
  Rob Jones

First, what we did wrong: We didn't ask the home seller to dig up the lid of the septic tank before we bought the house. We had a pretty little map that showed where the septic system should be, but it took a dowsing stick experiment, lots of digging (that included tearing up parts of our deck) and three visits from a pro (who had to resort to fishing in our toilet with a tracking device as bait) to find our tank.

Next, five things we (and you) can do right. After chatting with our friend, Jim Levine of Vann Boys Septic Service in North Carolina, and the folks at Outhouse Rentals & Septic Tank Pumping here in Floyd, Va., we’ve gathered some important tips:

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Share your septic woes and hard-earned tips for a healthy system in the comments section below.

Sarah Beth Jones and Rob Jones sold their business in the big city to learn how to live mindfully in Floyd, Va.