Senior Homesteading Injuries

| 10/10/2016 9:22:00 AM

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Because I am a senior homesteader, I write from experience and new experiences seem to surface from time to time to disrupt my normal homesteading routine. Sometimes, the mind is willing but the old body won’t respond as we wish and this occurred to me recently, which is why I have not been posting blogs for a few weeks. By telling of my experiences, perhaps it will benefit someone else.

When you do something foolish, it can be humbling to have to admit it, but if another senior homesteader will benefit from it — well, here it is.  

I don’t know how much different we over-70-year-olds are, but in my case, I’m mentally 40 years old and trapped in a mid-70s body. This can be dangerous thinking when we struggle through the day-to-day physicalities of homesteading. This delusional type of thinking seems to be a springboard for injuries, sprains and strains. In the past, I would rub a little analgesic on the affected area and be back to work the next day. This would be a fairly routine operating procedure for us senior homesteaders.

Sore muscles and strains and sprains are pretty common at our age, and usually we just work through them. We are accustomed to using ice packs, heating pads, various rubs, and ointments for these discomforts. But what happens when the usual remedies don’t work as usual?

Experiencing Injury on the Homestead

When we attain a certain age, it seems we lose our agility and flexibility so when we would slip or stumble in earlier years, we would recover quickly or not strain or pull anything. Once we seniors reach that magical age, those little awkward moves or repetitive activities have new and different consequences.

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