Home Business Entrepreneurs: Selling Firewood, Rototill Gardens and Preparing Taxes

The Bootstrap Businesses column showcases home business entrepreneurs: selling firewood, creating dough babies, rototilling gardens, building wooden toys, dying fabric and preparing taxes.

| July/August 1978

Home business entrepreneurs enter into new businesses, including selling firewood, rototilling gardens, building wooden toys, and preparing taxes.

Home Business Entrepreneurs

If you now operate — or have ever operated — a successful home business that was inspired by an article you read in MOTHER, tell us (in 500 words or less) when and where — and with how much "seed money" you started your venture. Because if your story can be fitted into an upcoming installment of Bootstrap Businesses, you'll receive [1] the warm satisfaction of knowing that you helped someone else find the happiness you enjoy and [2] a free two-year new or renewal subscription to The MOTHER EARTH NEWS.

After moving to the country and watching our life savings melt away as we waited for a job that never materialized (my husband is a computer programmer), we turned to MOTHER's back issues for something that would provide us with an income.

"How to Set Up and Run a Firewood Business" (pages 64-65) in issue No. 41 was just the thing. West Virginia had just survived one of its worst winters, fuel prices were at their highest, and we had a lot of trees on our 100 acres . . . so why not start a business selling firewood?

We already had all the necessary equipment — except for the powered log splitter — that Glen Smith had mentioned in his article. And since we had no extra money to invest in a business, we were quite willing to split the logs by hand with a sledge, wedge, and axe.

A few months before we started selling firewood we had bought a used dump truck for $500 to do light hauling in the area. So — naturally enough — we started using the truck for delivering a cord or more of wood . . . saving time and gas. After a little time (and a little advertising) we had our sales established and our problem behind us, at least for the winter!

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