How to Buy the Right Woodstove or Build and Install Your Own.

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A simple woodstove can transform a house in to a home. If you are thinking of buying a woodstove or already have one, you have come to the right place. We have more than 20 articles for your specific needs. We have information about which woodstove to buy and how to install it. Or for those handy people, we have DIY woodstove articles. And if you already have a woodstove, we have plenty of tips for safe woodstove use and recipes for woodstove cooking.

Guide to Buying Woodstoves and Woodstove Installation

How to Chose the Right Woodstove  By John Gulland

Follow this step-by-step advice to find the woodstove of your dreams with the proper combustion system, heating capacity and style for your home.

Woodstove Buyer’s Guide By John Gullland

The golden glow and cozy warmth of a wood fire have drawn family and friends to the hearth. A woodstove truly does help transform a house into a home. But here in the super-high-tech 21st century, does a return to our heritage heating fuel make sense for your household?

The MOTHER EARTH NEWS Guide to Woodstoves By MOTHER EARTH NEWS editors