Savor the Season of Autumn

| 9/13/2013 11:25:00 AM

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fall leavesIn the Midwest, we are fortuitous enough to experience all four of the breathtaking seasons. Autumn is especially beautiful in this region. The vibrant colors of leaves rustling in the trees in the autumn air are striking and inspiring. The autumn offers not only a bountiful harvest, but also an abundance of art materials directly from nature. From the beautiful array of fallen leaves to the dried seed pods that can be found lying beneath trees, natural art materials are abundant this time of year. They can be found in your own back yard, in nearby parks, on forest floors, or on a nature trail in your area. Embrace the nostalgic feelings evoked by each of the changing seasons.  Recreate positive memories and start new or renew old traditions with the seasonal landmarks; Spring Equinox (March 20th), Summer Solstice (Jun 21st), Autumn Equinox (September 22nd), Winter Solstice December 21st)

The seasons seem to change in the blink of an eye. Happy Autumn!

Here are some ideas to savor the season of fall:

1) Create nature mandalas with colorful leaves. It is very rewarding and fulfilling as a solo meditation but can be very fun with a group of friends or family. Nature mandala walks are also enjoyable. Create them on a day when the air is still or use small stones to weigh down the leaves. Be creative. Create words, patterns, or abstract designs with leaves and pods.

2) Create Window Boxes using reclaimed wood. Make as many dividers as you would like. Fill the window box with things you find on a nature walk that remind you of fall.

3) Designate a “Seasons” Table in your home.  Whether it be decorative or educational, collect items found in nature and artistically display them on your table with each changing season.

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