Saturday .... In the Woods

| 1/28/2013 1:01:47 PM

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Remember that song by “Chicago” called “Saturday in the Park?”  


It’s from 1972 so I’m showing my age. It talked about stuff people did in the park on Saturdays. Stuff city people do. I never liked the options I had in the city on Saturdays. Ride my bike and go head to head with angry SUV drivers, plant vegetables in my front yard or go shopping. Luckily our kids were young when we lived in the city so we were pretty focused on them on weekends.

Now my Saturdays are fantastic. I heat my house on Saturdays. People in the city warned me about all the things I’d hate about country life. “You’ll hate the sound of rain on a metal roof.” Huh? It’s the greatest sound on the planet! “You’ll get sick of all the work with heating with wood!” Huh? I love heating with wood. I love everything about it. Everything! Especially Saturdays in the winter! 

Saturdays start off with a big breakfast with as many scrambled eggs, hash browned potatoes, toast, tempeh and anything else that I can find. I’ve learned from experience that I need to provide my body with fuel before I head off into the woods. 

We’d had some snow, so I started out on snowshoes and hiked the area west of our house to look for dead trees to cut. This initial scouting expedition makes a path that’s easier to walk later. There is no shortage of dead wood on 150 acres. Jasper the Wonder Dog accompanies me in the woods, and he loves these scouting missions. He leaps, he bounds, he runs, he digs under snow banks and in grassy spots, he just never stops. I am exhausted just watching him. 

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