Running a Successful CSA

| 2/11/2016 2:05:00 PM

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 CSA sorting station

In my all-encompassing quest to radically understate activities that I organize, I decided to restrain myself in using any hyperbole when referring to my next workshop… but it will in fact be, the greatest CSA workshop ... ever!!!

We contributed to an article in the latest Mother Earth News magazine about earning an income doing what you love. Read it by clicking here. I realized as we were putting the article together that although running a CSA is becoming second nature to me, there is a lot involved. If we had known then what we know now, we would have saved a lot of time and energy.

So that’s the nature of this workshop.

I believe there are many people sitting at desks, working on computers, fantasizing about getting out of the rat race. And the biggest hindrance is always that income thing. It is much easier to earn an income in the city. So you can be happy and poor in the country or wealthier and miserable in the city. I’m sure there are in between states, but this seems to be the dichotomy most of us discover.

Running a CSA allows you squeeze an income out of a relatively small space. Yes, it’s a whack of work, but really, why were you put on this earth? To make money doing something you hate and then being too burnt out when you retire to do anything about it, or to just say “I’m going for it” and go where you want to go?

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